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Our Vision For Cuba

Our goal is to be Cuba’s foremost investment channel. To reach this goal we are active in developing, scaling and growing investment capabilities in a wide variety of sectors including agriculture, education, healthcare, energy, financial services and real estate.

Before any investment decision is made we undertake extensive technical, commercial, financial and market due diligence for each project. Investors interested in co-investing with Cuba Partner can access our portfolio of screened investment opportunities in all the sectors we operate in.

20 Years In Business

When you partner with us at Cuba Partner, you benefit from the wide expertise we have gathered during decades of financial and strategic operations in Cuba.

We provide our investors with a powerful network of relationships to create positive economic impact and long-term value for all parties involved.




Cuba Partner Makes It Happen

Our team of experts provide both sector-and state-specific inputs and hand-holding support to investors through the entire investment cycle, from pre-investment decision-making to after-care.

The strategy we implement in Cuba is built on layers of collaborative effort. We initiate and maintain stable processes by inviting participation from key people in the government, industry leaders, and various knowledge partners, including assets in touch with the local affairs and trends.

With this approach we can assist investors by expediting regulatory approvals, facilitating meetings with relevant government and corporate officials as well as providing after-investment evaluation and decision-making by gathering and analyzing relevant data and closely monitoring results.


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